Delivery Overview

Cummin Landscape Supply is located 1.6 miles east of the Georgia State Capital and 4 miles west of the city of Decatur. If you need a delivery, look no further!
Scheduling Deliveries 

- We deliver Monday through Friday, 8am to 4 pm.

- We schedule deliveries in two-hour time windows.

- Due to traffic, certain areas can only be serviced during non-rush hour times.

-. In most cases we can delivery within a day or two, although in peak season, our schedule may be full for three days or longer. It is best to schedule at least three days in advance to get the product when you need it.

-If you want your materials placed on your driveway, you don’t have to be present to receive them. However, all off-driveway deliveries will require you to be on the site.

- Off driveway deliveries are not guaranteed and are solely at the discretion of the driver.

- Cummin Landscape Supply & its drivers are not responsible for any damage to driveways, curbs, or yards due to the weight of our vehicles or trying to dump in questionable locations at the request of the customer.

- We can deliver two different products on the same truck depending on the amount.  The ideal split would be 2 & 2.  We cannot guarantee that the products will not mix.

Will it Fit?

Single Axel Dump Truck

20’ Long,  10’ Tall,  &  9.5’ wide.  
Height with Fully raised Bed: 17’ 

- 5 Yards of sand & gravel 
- 10 yards of soil & mulch  
- 6 yards of fill dirt

Tandem Axel Dump Truck

24’ Long,  10’ Tall,  &  11’ wide.   Height with Fully raised Bed is 24’ 

- 13 yards of sand,gravel, & fill dirt  
- 16 Cubic Yards of soil & mulch  


8.5' Wide and 8.5' Tall


To ease the stress of deciding how many tons of gravel you'll need, use our gravel calculator to find the correct amount for your project.


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